Innovations in Curriculum Design

Showcasing ACDHS early career academics’ diverse and innovative approaches to transforming the learning experience for students.

Thank you to Dr Kristie Matthews, Dr Liza Seubert, and Dr Katrina Li for presenting at the ACDHS 2022 Symposium in the Rapid Fire Showcase session. We are pleased to share the insights from all the video presentations on this topic below.

Dr Kristie Matthews, Monash University

Title: Preparedness for Practice: the Student Telehealth Program  The Covid-19 pandemic significantly impacted work integrated learning opportunities in health professional courses at the University. An innovative solution was created which facilitated student engagement in health interactions with community volunteers via telehealth.  This presentation shares the outcomes of the Student Telehealth Program in supporting student skill and attribute development.  

Dr Liza Seubert, University of Western Australia

Title: Connection, Belonging, Trust – Transforming healthcare professions learning. Healthcare requires the ability to communicate, build trust, demonstrate empathy, work in a team, be reflective, non-judgemental and resilient. These skills are important for effective person-centred care as well as the ability to thrive in high-pressure environments and can be developed during university studies. 

Dr Ellie Sugden – Western Sydney University

Title: Problem Based Learning in Speech Pathology- Using assessment to develop work-ready graduates This presentation shares a new case-based portfolio assessment based on a problem-based learning pedagogical approach to develop speech pathology students’ readiness for increasingly complex professional practice. This authentic assessment was developed through collaboration with industry partners as well as consideration of graduate attributes and external accreditation requirements.

Dr Katrina Li, University of South Australia

Title: Seeing is believing

Feedback given by educators are often not valued by students as they cannot see it from an educator’s lens. Seeing is believing, right? This project helps physiotherapy students see what they are doing through different lenses, which promotes deeper learning and using feedback as part of the learning process.  

Dr Rebecca Collins, University of Newcastle

Title: Nutrition and Dietetics Student-led Telehealth Clinic. During the Covid-19 pandemic our discipline has faced the problem of providing students with non-face-to-face work-based learning opportunities. Our innovation was the development and implementation of the Nutrition and Dietetics student-led telehealth clinic. The clinic provides 4th year Nutrition & Dietetics students an opportunity to work clinically with external patients under the supervision of an Accredited Practising Dietitian.

Dr Freyr Patterson, University of Queensland

Title: Learning to Navigate and cope with chance and the unexpected through simulation-based learning.  As educators, we have a responsibility to support students to develop the skills needed to be able to navigate and cope with change and the unexpected. This presentation describes how we have used simulation in occupational therapy to support students to learn and practice these skills in authentic simulated environments.

Dr Kate Bridgman, LaTrobe University

Title: Telehealth – A graduate attribute in a (post) pandemic workforce. COVID-19 resulted in a rapid translation to telehealth service delivery. Consequently, Allied Health students were required to engage in this service delivery with little preparation. Now, in a (post)pandemic world we explore how telehealth competencies and graduate attributes can be embedded within curriculum to prepare our students and future workforce.