The Department of Health has announced the release of the National Health Workforce Dataset (NHWDS) Allied Health 2016 data in the form of:

  • updated aggregate data accessible via the Health Workforce Data Online Data Tool (ODT); and
  • a series of fact sheets for each Allied Health profession, as well as for the five Oral Health Practitioner divisions.

Individual fact sheets present further information specific to each profession and/or division, such as information relating to principal area of practice, work setting and work sector.

The fact sheets are available via the publications link on Health Workforce Data website at, with high level health workforce summaries also available via the summary statistics link.

Note: a technical error in the NHWDS build process has been uncovered in relation to recoding the missing values for job role. The 2013-2015 Allied Health data has now been corrected, resulting in the number of clinicians decreasing in most instances, and those in administrator, teacher or educator and researcher roles increasing.

Please email the Department via should you have any further queries about the Health Workforce data or the ODT.